Frequently Asked Questions About the App (FAQ)

Why can’t I see every plane?

We receive an API signal from ADS-B data, which is transmitted by aircraft and received by ground base stations that cooperate with our API supplier. Aircraft must be equipped with the necessary transmission equipment for them to be detected by these receivers. Not all aircraft are currently equipped with this technology. At present, Europe is well ahead of the USA. Many countries around the world are planning to make ADS-B mandatory for most of their aircraft in the coming years, so things will improve.

Why can't I see planes in my area?

Our API signal provider is a partner in a growing data sharing network across the globe. Our provider does not, however, have data for all locations. Our API signal provider adds ADS-B feeds as quickly as possible. Please let us know if your area is missing and we’ll do our best to help.

Why can't I see my newly registered flight in Observations?

If the distance from your location to the flight in question is more then 50 km/31 miles, it cannot be registered. This feature has been created to ensure the validity of the FPR app registration, which will be used for further analysis.

How can I get in contact with FlightPollutionRadar?

You can send an email to The organisation is situated geographically in Denmark.

On the FlightPollutionRadar Facebook page, you can post relevant comments or pictures, which we hope you will add to your "likes" in order to increase public knowledge about the environmental app. As our organisation is only a small one, we cannot guarantee that every comment will receive a reply. We hope you will appreciate this.