app_icon_tshirt_emp.pngFlightPollutionRadar is an environmental flight tracker app that makes it possible for you to anonymously help document real time air pollution from specific airplanes and register ongoing weather modifications all over the world, thereby contributing to saving the earth’s ozone layer and environment.

- All observed flight pollution and weather modification data gathered by the FlightPollutionRadar app users worldwide is shown in real time on maps on the website Flightpollutionradar.com, which is then used for further analysis.

- FlightPollutionRadar supports a worldwide community of environmentally friendly people, who want to increase public awareness about flight pollution and weather modification (geoengineering).

- FlightPollutionRadar.com is a non-profit organisation.

- FlightPollutionRadar wants to improve the environment for future generations.

- FlightPollutionRadar has one of the best coverage of all civilian flight tracking in the world.

- FlightPollutionRadar is dedicated to becoming the most popular flight pollution tracker in the world.

- FlightPollutionRadar provides enough scientific data to attract public attention and to put pressure on obtaining worldwide regulation of jet fuel in order to reduce flight pollution. There is no such regulation at present!

- FlightPollutionRadar helps enforce the ENMOD Convention and the AARHUS Convention by helping to stop geoengineering and public acceptance of geoengineering.

- All revenue goes towards paying for the API signal (flight transponder signal), server and maintenance costs, improving the FlightPollutionRadar app and website and increasing public knowledge about airplane pollution, weather modification and the effects on the environment.

Future objectives

- To increase cooperation with leading radar and weather meteorologists around the world in order to obtain knowledge that can help predict severe weather patterns that are linked to flight pollution and ongoing geoengineering activities.

- To help finance organisations/people, scientific research, film documentaries etc. that focus on flight pollution and geoengineering using the revenue from the app. 

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The use of the information presented in FlightPollutionRadar is strictly limited to your personal enthusiast activities (i.e. for information purposes), which specifically excludes any activities that might endanger the lives of yourself or others. The developer of this application cannot be held responsible for any incidents resulting from the use and/or interpretation of the data in the application.