• Jet fuel contains aluminium, which is extremely dangerous to all biological life on Earth.
  • Aerosols are very small particles that are suspended in the atmosphere.
  • The human brain barrier offers NO protection from nanoparticle pollution, which is why nanoparticles can be deposited directly into the brain.
  • Aerosols in the lower atmosphere can modify the size of cloud particles, changing how the clouds reflect and absorb sunlight.
  • Jet fuel contains high concentrations of sulphur - about 1000 ppm. In comparison, the sulphur content in diesel fuel is 10 ppm, ie. approx. 100 times lower than that in jet fuel.
  • About 5 billion people use airplanes as a means of transport every year worldwide.
  • Aviation has an impact on the environment due to aircraft engines emitting noise, particulates and gases, which contribute to climate change and global dimming.
  • Aerosols from jet plane engines scatter and absorb sunlight. Scattering sunlight can reduce visibility (haze) and redden sunrises and sunsets.

The new environmental app to register worldwide flight pollution and weather modification

Have you ever noticed the persisting white contrails coming from jet planes in the sky, like in the photos above? Or wondered why so many clouds look artificial most of the time?

Do you believe this is natural? Certain recently published scientific articles claim that they are the result of severe nanoparticle pollution in the atmosphere caused by a worldwide increase in civilian and military air traffic!

Empower YOUrself and help!

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The purpose of FlightPollutionRadar App is to give users an efficient tool to observe and register real time flight pollution and weather modification. You will be empowered to help collect worldwide data, which will make us able to:

  1. Achieve a worldwide overview of civilian airlines and military jetplanes pollution pattern by register contrail types of each airplane. You can select between 4 different contrail types in the app and document your observation by taking a photo.
  1. Achieve a worldwide overview of real time making of artificial weather fronts (chemtrails) caused by nanoparticle pollution from jetplanes, which is the basis for creation of artificial cloudcover in the sky. Document your observation by taking a photo.
  1. Achieve a worldwide overview of real time artificial symmetric cloud pattern caused by ionosphere heaters (HAARP like installation) in order to perform weather manipulation over huge geographically areas. This can cause severe rainfall or drought. Document your observation by taking a photo.      

FlightPollutionRadar mission is to support a worldwide community of environmentally friendly people, who want to increase public awareness about flight pollution and weather modification - also known as geoengineering.

It is our hope that the FlightPollutionRadar app will not only help to empower us, but result in public focus on the reduction of flight pollution and putting a stop to geoengineering by documenting it worldwide. Knowledge is power.


Top registered airlines within the last month

No trails

2 Unidentified

Short lived trails

Persistent non-spreading trails

Persistent spreading trails

27 Unidentified
1 Southwest Airlines


German Aerospace Worker Sacked For Revealing Installation of Devices May 2014 (engl.subs)


NASA expert warns of rogue geoengineers chemtrail consequences


The Cover Report w/ Susan Lindauer | Jan 31, 2014

Chemtrails & Flight Pollution Radar w/ Frank Rasmussen

A groundbreaking advance in the fight to expose Chemtrails is about to become as easy as a smartphone app. Todays guest on the Cover Report, Frank Rasmussen from Denmark, describes the new Flight Pollution Radar app, which will allow users anywhere in the world to capture data on chemtrail flights, artificial weather fronts and HAARP technology and upload it simultaneously to a global database, which other app users can access immediately. The new App has the capability to identify spikes in HAARP technology, register and share it for further analysis by users. Once a sizeable database is established through user interface, scientists at the University of Athens in Greece are on board to study patterns and trends for scientific impact data. The Flight Pollution Radar app is scheduled for release February 2014, providing an unprecedented tool to ordinary people who want to hold the Government accountable to us!

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